UK escort agencies operate as compnionship agencies or booking escort agencies. With that in mind, by the law, they are allowed to represent sex workers and escort people. And arranging meetings on their behalf. However, UK escort agencies are not allowed to get involved or promote any sexual services. Also, they are not allowed to be involved in what is taking place during the meetings they organised. The escort agency’s job is to make sure that sex workers and escort users are safe and that their privacy is not threatened in any way.

Escort business

The booking escort agency is allowed to receive the fee for advertising and arranging the meetings. However, they are not allowed to encourage anyone to become an escort or use escort services. Also, they are not allowed to be involved in sex workers’ lives or decide where they live and if they wish to see clients in their private place. Every escort agency in the UK can only represent and advertise the compnionship service these escort people, female or male want to offer.

The best escort agencies in the United Kingdom

The best way to search for escort agencies is through escort directories. Open Adult Directory is one of the most popular and well-known directories where you can find every escort agency in the UK and worldwide. In general, there are two types of compnionship agencies. The first ones are cheap escort agencies and the other ones are high-class escort agencies. Our focus is on high-end and elite escort agencies. However, we found many exceptional-looking and genuine escorts among cheap escort agencies. This category was specially designed to talk about these escort agencies that caught our eye. Because we are an expert in running and building profitable escort agencies, we can easily notice which escort agencies are professional. But also it is very obvious to us which escort agencies lack the knowledge or tools to make the most of the escort industry, they are in.

The list of the best escort agencies in the UK

There is not only one of the best or top ten escort businesses. Most of the UK companionship agencies do not operate nationwide. But they are focused on specific cities and either cheap or luxury markets. The exclusive escort agencies mainly operate in the capital of the UK and also in some of the biggest cities worldwide. More affordable escort companies can be very busy in the middle-sized town. But there is no better or worse. It is a matter where the escort agency owner feels comfortable to work. And although we were always involved in running high-class and elite escort agencies. We know that cheap escort agencies are making the same money. Because they are focused on quantity which is very much needed in the low-level market. And there is no need to say more if escort services like 15-minute or 30-minute meetings are a norm. Whereas, high-class escort providers can spend hours and days organizing an international trip which can be a holiday trip. One is more about quantity and the other one is more about quality. Both are in high demand.

Creating new business

We love being involved in building and creating new businesses. At least we are very much interested in all sorts of business adventures. For that reason, we like watching other people’s business regardless of the industry. But when it comes to escort businesses in the UK we can easily guide anyone to become successful in this specific industry. Absolutely anyone who never had any contact with the escort market before. Because Once you know how business works you succeed in it. You can do it again and again. Although we were operating in the capital and know some of the international escort industry. We are very much interested in the national escort market now. We have created this premium escort agency which has 4 agencies in one. We can call it the North West escort agency or the West Midlands companionship agency. So we run Birmingham escort agency, Manchester escort agency, Liverpool escort agency, Sheffield escort agency.

Escort SEO

We keep saying and this is true that the most important thing for a UK escort business is online visibility. And how to become widely visible online? By learning Escort SEO. But this article is not about Adult SEO. We just want to make it clear that there is an important factor that is very easy to learn and easy to do. However, it is time-consuming at first

We can not wait to tell you about the new escort websites we have discovered recently. For instance, in Birmingham, there is a Lush escort agency which is very popular. In Manchester elite courtesans and exclusive company escorts. But we will talk more about them soon. We have decided to dedicate the whole article describing each compnionship agency.