I have always had an eye and was very lucky to have the best escort girls in my elite escort agency. I was told I am very strict, and even more, escort girls were using more colourful language to describe me. However, I was good at what I was doing, because I was very professional and business like with clients and girls. Firstly, I have never been an escort girl myself which is why I never brought forward the attitude of a working girl toward the clients. In the same fashion, escort girls could not become as friendly with me as they wished to because I was unable to relate to them and find the same language.

How to be successful in the chosen industry

I think I was good in the escort industry like all good drug dealers are who never take drugs themselves. The ones who are heard of that they are the most successful never took any drugs themselves. So they never lost themselves in the industry. And they were always very professional but in one way very detached. And I can tell the same about myself, clients were very much appreciated. The same escort girls but I never felt I belonged to neither of them, clients or girls. Except by providing the services both sides wanted. It is a very easy and comfortable position to be in the business. Because I was always very logical and detached from everything that was happening in the industry and regarding the industry. However, I did care to the point of my resposibilities. Meaning, making sure everyone is safe and satisfied with what they get. I have kept my private life private and I didn’t mix with the business. Whenever I have done differently it was a painful mistake.

Escort girls, escort clients, and my personal experience

This time I will be much soften I think. Softer about business image. But harder on never losing up the rules and allowing any exceptions to my rules. Also, I think have explored the industry to the point that I will not make any silly mistakes. I must say I can not wait to see how things go and what is new in store for me in this industry. Still working on the visibility of the website but I think next week I need to start to actively search for elite escort girls. Had a glance at some independent escorts and I think that there is a chance to select some decent-looking escort girls for my high-class escort agency in Birmingham.

UK escort agency

This time I will be operating in more than one city. I will have a selection of escort girls in Manchester and another escort gallery in Birmingham. Soon after I will create a Liverpool escorts page and elite escort girls in Sheffield. It would be very interesting to witness what is the dynamic of the escort industry in each of these towns. I can’t wait to start traveling again and explore these cities as I am living in rather a small place which has a villagey feel to it. The beauty of running an escort agency in the UK is that you can live wherever you wish to as everything can be done over the phone and online.

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