How can you create an elite Birmingham Escort Agency? Firstly you need a website because an escort agency is an online business with just a very specific service. I am aware that people are afraid of it but it is legal and there is nothing to be afraid of in the visible escort industry in the United Kingdom. What I mean by the visible escort industry, is escort agencies that are visible online, and because of that the owners are traceable. For sure the best way to find out how the industry works is to get involved. Either by becoming an escort girl and being represented by premium escort agencies. Or employing yourself as a receptionist in the UK escort agency. If none of it is possible then escort people are a great source of information. Finally, there are a number of books I have seen on Amazon that explain how to run an escort agency in the UK. Can not recommend any as I have not read it myself because I have lots of experience myself. Finally, you can simply jump in it and find out everything on the way. I heard about two businessmen who just created the Birmingham Escort Agency site. Invested quite a lot in the SEO like in the ordinary online business. Actually, it is very likely they knew that there was no need for any contact whatsoever as everything can be generated online.

The Birmingham Escort Agency website

Once you have done your research and you know what type of escort girls like cheap escorts or lush escorts you will be representing then the time comes to create the website. Lots of Adult and Escort SEO agencies are offering ready-to-use escort website templates. If you do not have much experience in building a website the escort gallery can be a hassle and time-consuming. For that reason, it is easier to buy an inexpensive ready Birmingham Escort Agency siteIf money is not an issue bespoke site with an excellent webmaster would be ideal. The design is extremely important as it is your Birmingham Escort Agency’s whole image, so be careful with ready-to-use sites. Also, you need to remember to do proper keyword research. Escort SEO is the most important for this type of business. Additionally, I advise you to learn Escort SEO basics as the escort industry is too competitive to leave it in someone else hands entirely. Also, Adult SEO is not as easy as SEO for non-adult-related businesses. For instance, most business directories, social media, and guest blogs do not allow to publication of any adult-related content. The most efficient SEO tool I have been using for years is Ahrefs. It is best to check on competitors’ links, keyword research, and website performance. 

Searching for New Birmingham escorts

Let’s assume you have finished your beautiful Birmingham Escort Agency website. So now, all you need is to find escort ladies. The best places to search for them online are escort directories. Which are full of independent escort girls whom you can easily contact and propose cooperation. It is not ideal but at least you can start somehow. Unless you already know many escort girls or have other ways to get contacts to elite Birmingham escorts. However, from my experience, I know that you do not need to know even one escort in Birmingham. In order to create the most successful Escort Agency in Birmingham. Because girls and clients will come by themselves once the site is visible online. But I mean to be on page 1 with the key words and phrases, the ones which are the most important for the well-established Birmingham Escort Agency.  Coming back to the girl’s subject, it is good to have some profiles in the gallery before starting to search for girls. The business should seem like it is already running. To put it another way, no one wants to join a ghost business or early days start-up. That is to say, the agency needs to look like it is already running smoothly. Anyway, it is a win-win situation because it gives you the opportunity to start operating and girls can always get additional clients without depending on you entirely. At the end of the day, no one signs any contract here, and at any time either side can simply change their mind. What I really enjoyed in the escort industry was the speed at which things were happening. In a day I could have new girls, from the moment I picked up the email around lunchtime I already was arranging an interview for an early afternoon and the same day I had new profiles and was arranging meetings for my new escort girls in the evening. If for any reason either side decided to finish the cooperation it was a matter of minutes to close the cooperation. Simply by deleting the profile and thank each other for working together. Everyone involved in the industry knows that, and it seems there is more freedom and this creates flow including financial flow which again creates more freedom. The same comes with clients, it was very rare that a client arranged to meet a girl in advance. Unless it was a holiday trip, a weekend away, or wanted to make sure that he met his favorite girl. More than 90% of meetings are last-minute bookings. Speed is very important and usually takes me less than 5 minutes It includes speaking with clients checking with girls and sorting up all details. I was on two phones at the same time. One for clients and another one for girls. Blackberry was the best phone for communication with girls as I could send texts to dozens of them at the same time and see all of the responses one next to another. IPhone is perfect only for dealing with clients because you can use apps like WhatsApp and store photos. I do not like smartphones at all.

Btw. clients do not like to wait and if you take your time especially while you are building a relationship with new clients, they will most likely contact another agency in the meantime. And if the other Birmingham Escort Agency is quicker then you do not have that client anymore. 

Incall escort service in Birmingham

Not sure which Birmingham locations are best for incall escort services. However, based on the research I have done, the following places seem to be very popular among escort seekers. For instance, Wolverhampton Escort Service like Wolverhampton escorts has three thousand searches monthly, Escorts in Wolverhampton and Escorts Wolverhampton equally have 1800 searches. Whereas Wolverhampton escort girls phrase has only 80 visitors a month. But it seems that the most popular location in Birmingham is Walsall Escorts. Which has 3300 monthly searches on Google. After that Solihull Escorts has 1600 Google clicks and Dudley Escorts even more 2200 searches.  It might be a case that a lot of cheap escorts or more politely affordable escorts create such a amount of traffic on Google. As far as I know, Wolverhampton and Solihull are quite posh and considered to be quite nice places to live. Not sure about Dudley and Walsall as I haven’t heard much about them so far. Birmingham City Escorts has only 90 searches. But I was amazed by the fact that Birmingham airport escorts phrase has only 60 searches per month. Traffic on the website is very important, especially in the very beginning. Because traffic on your site helps with positioning on Google. So it is worth targeting the traffic-busy places even if you are not intending to operate there. Also, it is good to keep the website open as long as possible on every device you have. By now I know that there is not really high end on the Birmingham escort market. But I think what I would call the lowest elite escort market is the premium Birmingham escort industry. I would much prefer to stick to that price range like £500 for the first hour. However, I am aware I might be also working with £150-£250 girls. At the same time, whenever I see Birmingham Escort Agency offering girls for £80 or even £60 per hour I am terrified. 

West Midlands Escorts 

Further to my research, while setting up my new escort agency in Birmingham. I found more locations that are quite popular for incall services in Birmingham. To begin with, Smethwick escorts has an impressive 900 researches, Oldbury escorts 800 not much less, 800 monthly visitors. Later there is a gap and searches are between 350 to 450 with phrases like Sutton Coldfield escorts, Halesowen escorts, Handsworth escorts, West Bromwich escorts. Again slight decline to 200 monthly visits with the following keywords acocks green escorts, selly oak escorts, harborne escorts. Finally, Birmingham incall locations with the lowest number of potential clients according to Ahrefs are: Aston escorts, Bordesley green escorts, Edgbaston escorts, Great barr escorts, Kings heath escorts, Northfield escorts, Perry barr escorts, Escorts hall green. Further to my research, I focused on clients who are using post codes while searching for escorts in Birmingham. The central Birmingham post codes are B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8,B9, B10, B11, B12, B13, B14, B15, B16, B17, B18, B19 and B20. Unfortunately, there are not many searches at all. However, the keywords with a small number of searches are also useful. It is easy to reach page 1 with them. They will probably not bring lots of clients and they are seemingly unimportant phrases for your business. However, they will help you to push up the most difficult one to achieve. Being widely visible online is like building a pyramid. Firstly you will reach dozens of the least useful keywords which will help you to achieve more useful ones and then you will reach the most difficult ones. Even the one that it seems to be very difficult to achieve. In conclusion, use the most difficult and the most important phrases on your home page and other pages from your main menu. But the least important in the blog articles and other specially designed for SEO purposes pages like escort by type galleries. Here are some examples: Tall escorts, busty escorts, petite escorts, blonde escorts, brunette escorts, Duo escorts, Bisexual escorts, Escorts for couples, Russian escorts, British escorts, etc. Btw you can create an endless amount of these categories and these pages do not have to be so much visible to the public. 

VIP Escorts Birmingham

Despite the fact that there might not be a huge market for the Elite escort agency Birmingham it is worth trying. As high end escort market does not require hundreds of visitors to be very profitable. Because the cheap escort market is about quantity whereas high class escort market is about quality. For that reason, Lush Escort has 4400 monthly searches, and Lush Escorts Birmingham has 800 visitors because lush escort agency represents only very cheap escort girls. Although the word lush means luxurious and superabundant. In contrast, elite Birmingham escorts has only 20 clicks, or Elite Escorts Birmingham has 60 google clicks. Keywords like high class birmingham escorts has 10 clicks but with a similar keyphrase high class escorts birmingham the number of clicks increases to 60. It is very important how you plan your websites as people tend to, including myself, to drop the words in Google search, not to make any sense of the words they are typing while they looking for the product, service, or information. Furthermore, keyphrases like Birmingham VIP escorts has only 30 monthly searches, VIP Birmingham Escorts only 10 monthly clicks, luxury escorts birmingham has 20 but high end escorts Birmingham has 10. Surprisingly when I was trying a different variation of premium escorts Birmingham 0 exclusive escorts Birmingham 0 there was not even any data. It means that it is very rare that someone is searching for Birmingham escort models using words like premium, high class, elite, high end, supreme, and VIP. 

Multicultural escort girls for hire in Birmingham 

Birmingham is the second largest multicultural city in the UK. Our escort agency Birmingham will reflect that beautifully by having many escort women from all sorts of backgrounds, origins, and walks of life. After a quick search on Ahrefs, my favourite SEO tool as you already know. In fact, the only one I need to correctly build the companionship agency. Once I have my site properly planned in terms of SEO and have a list of keywords for later use in my articles. Then I do not need anything else, except checking Google Console and maybe checking on the speed of my website while I keep adding new photos and fresh content. So coming back to my multicultural elite courtesans I found that the following nationalities are very popular. In general phrases like escort girls in Birmingham have 450 interests per month, escort women in Birmingham 100, and escort ladies in Birmingham only 10. So it is crucial to remember to use any combinations you can think of in order to target as many people as possible. People are different and they might use other language or words to describe the same thing or service. So for instance it is worth using other descriptions for girls like women, ladies, female, courtesans and call girls. Not to mention hookers or prostitutes. You just need to imagine yourself in a client’s shoes. For instance, what kind of vocabulary do you think they could use after they had a few drinks? Also, phrases like Escorts Birmingham UK or Escorts in Birmingham uk are not that common. In terms of nationalities, I found Indian escorts Birmingham to be the most popular while other combinations like Birmingham Indian escorts have 250. Or Indian Birmingham escorts has only 30 compared to the number of 1100 and 250. Again, use in every piece of content all the possible variations of the main keyword you are focusing on. Just to continue with my research about nationalities English Escorts Birmingham has 70 clicks, whereas English Escorts in Birmingham has 60. But British Escorts Birmingham has a slightly higher number of 450 clicks, British Escorts in Birmingham has 100, and British Birmingham Escorts only 50 clicks. Finally, I found Ebony Escorts Birmingham e0 250 as also quite important with 250 monthly Google searches. 

In my final analysis, related to nationalities like Russian escorts, Brazilian escorts, Latin escorts, Romanian escorts, Arabic escorts, Asian escorts, Italian escorts, Spanish escorts, Lebanese escorts, Ukrainian escorts, New Zealand escorts, and Western and Eastern European escorts. I have found that these searches are quite popular but without specific towns. So it is hard to say how popular they are in specific cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, or Sheffield. To summarize my Birmingham Escort Agency will be filled with multicultural girls with all skin tones, shapes, and types of beauty. From sexy exotic girls to traditional a girl-next-door type. 

Keyword research for Birmingham Escort Agency 

Keyword research is crucial for any online business. Because my Birmingham Escort Agency purely depends on online visibility, escort SEO must be well-planned. Every escort agency in Birmingham depends on it however if you already have clients and girls then it is a bit easier to start. I am starting from scratch and will search for my first female escort and clients online. That is why I plan my keywords for every page very carefully. Even now while I am writing this piece of content I am placing a certain amount of keywords I need for my business. Also, I believe, that the longer the article the better. Because there is lots of room to add all sorts of keywords related to the chosen phrase. Plus there are levels on your site and to give you a picture of what I mean by levels your home page is a level zero. Again imagine the pyramid with your home page on the top. Other pages from the menu are level 1 just below the home page and all subpages and articles go below. The deeper the page on your ‘pyramid’ the less power they have on google. The same happens with articles post. Creating a good amount of content on your escort news blog is a must. But the more content you will create the more layers/levels on the website there will be. As you can notice blog itself creates subpages. This means the first articles will go deeper within the website the more blog pages you will have. For that reason, I have decided to create much longer articles than the guidance says 350-600 words per article. Used to the guideline stated that the density of your main keywords should be up to 2%. However, that is too much in most cases and content should have a natural feel to it. Generally speaking, you need to place at least one or couple of your key words in each paragraph. Also, I am using Yoast SEO plugin with my Birmingham Escort Agency website. Yoast SEO is very helpful because it analyses all your written content and points out all the SEO mistakes. I do not expect anyone to read Birmingham Escort Agency blog. But if some people find my article useful or interesting then I can generate additional traffic for my site. Which helps tremendously with positioning. Google Spider is very clever these days and you need to make sure that you do not overoptimize. I would say it is equally important to optimise every page at the same time not to overoptimise. Ah, and the most important regarding written connent is that it can not be copied from anyone else. If you do then you need to make sure you change it at least 80%. Otherwise, Google will classify it as plagiarism and will not index this page. Also, it is best if you are using active language not passive, academic type. Additionally, your article should be understood by 12-year-old child. Regardless of the fact that this is the adult-related website, Google Spider is a machine with specific settings. So content should be very simple to understand without sophisticated vocabulary. As I probably mentioned before it is worth planning additional pages like galleries in terms of look, nationalities, or services provided. Most of the Birmingham escort agencies have them, purely for the SEO reason. My Birmingham Escort Agency will have them too. However, they look very natural and thanks to these you have additional dozens of pages of content filled with phrases you need. 

Adult escort services in Birmingham 

While I was researching the popularity of adult escort services in Birmingham I came across and as the one of the most popular phrases. These two have thousands of monthly searches. Btw I need to place female escorts Birmingham keyword somewhere so I will take the opportunity to type it here. So just to show you the picture Vivastreet has around 850 searches but the site itself has 7600 monthly types. Adultwork is much better if you thought that was a lot because Adult work it has 2 million monthly searches in the UK. Plus the website itself has 33 thousand monthly clicks online. Focusing on Birmingham only Vivastreet Birmingham has 3400 clicks, Viva street Birmingham 2500 visits, Vivastreet Birmingham Escorts only has 40 searches, Viva Street Birmingham escorts has same 40 clicks, whereas Vivastreet escorts birmingham has 90. In comparison adult work Birmingham has 400 clicks, likewise Birmingham adultwork. But Adultwork Birmingham has 1000 clicks and Adultwork Birmingham escorts has 100. One thing to remember these statistics are very fluid. However, it is very unlikely that the most popular phrases will drastically decrease the searchability. Nevertheless, it is worth to check time to time how your chosen phrases are doing online.

Erotic massage services in Birmingham

Regarding the specific Birmingham erotic massage services, tantric massage Birmingham has 200 clicks but tantric massage has 9100 monthly searches, tantric masseuse only 50.  General phrases tend to be the most popular, probably because there is no need to add town because Google will show the closest providers. So for instance, if you are in Manchester City and searching for an escort girl, the search engine will not give you a list of escort agencies in Liverpool. Unless there is no one targeting these keywords and some of the Liverpool escort agencies are much stronger than the one in Manchester. Nevertheless, the search engine will always favour the sites which target specific towns. 

For instance, nuru massage has 15000 monthly clicks, nuru massage near me has 3200, what is a nuru massage 800 searches and specific and most helpful to my Birmingham Escort Agency, Nuru massage Birmingham has impressive 700 monthly searches. Last but not least, erotic massage has an enormous number of 1200 searches per month, whereas erotic massage near me has 6900 seekers and finally erotic massage Birmingham has 150 escort seekers. 

The research says ( it is not the type of language the search engine favours ) that around 10% of men are active escort service users. So we have 62 million adults in the UK excluding 14 million children under age 18. 49% of the population are men which gives us the number over 30 million times 10% equal to over 3 million escort users. Just to do a quick estimate calculation we must have around +- 50000 men actively using adult escort services in Birmingham City.


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