Erotic massage is highly sought after among all escort services in the UK. On average the phrase was researched 12000 times, according the Ahrefs. Which is a reputable and well-established SEO and website performance checker tool. Because of the popularity of the erotic massage service we have a number of high class Birmingham escorts and Manchester escorts who specialize in this particular escort service. Although they perform sensual massage they have never been professional masseuses. But many of them combine the massage technic with their other skills like energy healing services. What I mean they perform services like tantric massage, erotic massage or nuru massage in their own special way. They are combining it with energy healing like Reiki, Sekhem with the use of high-quality essential oils. Because we are also very much interested in alternative medicine we love talking to girls who have interests in natural medicine. 

Erotic massage near me 

If you wonder about girls who perform erotic massage near your place then we have escort masseuses around the whole of Birmingham and Manchester. As we already mentioned each of them performs escort massage techniques in a unique way. Sexual energy is an incredible energy exchange and force for emotional, psychological, and spiritual revitalizations. It is best to be in expert hands and use one of our erotic massage specialists. Because, we are very much interested in the subject we found out that in the East, the art of lovemaking is treated as a sacred energy exchange. For thousands of years. And this is where Tantric massage comes from. Sexual massage or tantra was once regarded as a path to spirituality, rather than sexual experience. In mythology, Tantra symbolizes the endless joyous intercourse of the female and male. 

Cultivating sensuality through erotic touch

Erotic massage is the art of feeling the energy through the skin. And the best way to do that is through body-to-body massage like Nuru massage. Our Birmingham tantric massage escorts have the best erotic reviews. The escort girl with the best erotic review says, that she might not be an expert in massage however she follows her intuition. She loves using organic, high-quality essential oils. Cinnamon essential oil is the best for erotic massage as it nurtures healthy sexuality and rekindles sexual energies. Likewise, Jasmine’s essential oil as it assists in regaining interest in sexual experiences and cultivating positive experiences within intimate relationships. 

If you are looking for an erotic massage in Birmingham we have the best tantric and erotic massuses in town. 

Nuru Massage near me

What is a Nuru massage? Well, it is quite a new adult escort service among our girls. It is one of the types of body-to-body massage, closely related to tantric massage. However, there are some differences between Nuru Massage Birmingham service and tantric Massage Birmingham service. In short tantric massage is performed with the use of organic essential oils and it was a sexual technique known for thousands of years. Moreover, it was a traditional part of the Ayurvedic healing system that originated in India. Whose purpose was to awaken dormant sexual energy in the body through the gentle touch of a partner. While Nuru massage is a modern massage, which originates in the bathhouses in Tokyo. It is a form of relaxation and pleasure, specially designed with men in mind. Performed by specially trained female escort masseuses like our high-class and elite escort girls. The Nuru massage involves covering the body in Nuru gel while performing body-to-body massage. 

What is in Nuru gel? Nuru or Nori gel is made from seaweed, aloe vera, glycerin, chamomile, and grape seed oil. 

Benefits of Nuru massage?

The Nuru massage is a very sensual and sexual massage. It involved both parties covering naked bodies in the Nuru massage gel which is very slippery. Besides the pleasurable benefits, this type of erotic massage helps to manage stress levels. It causes the body’s nervous system to calm down. Also, because, Nuru massage is very intense, it will cause the brain to switch off and enter in a trance-like state. That allows the body to completely relax. Secondly, it increases your pleasurable capacity. All forms of erotic massage technique, nuru massage or any type of body to body massage will provide the body with immersive pleasure. It can bring on arousal that you might never experienced before. Thirdly, you will sleep like a baby after the nuru escort massage session with our nuru escort masseuse specialist. 

Erotic Escort Masseuses in Birmingham

Exclusive tantric massage Birmingham escorts are ladies who are specialists in terms of erotic massages. We are very picky when it comes to tantric massage Manchester escorts, tantric massage Liverpool escorts, not to mention tantric massage Sheffield escorts. In other words, it does not matter where the girl is located, we are always looking for the best in their chosen service or services. As we never create girls’ do or do not list. All of them have the freedom to decide what type of escort service they would love to do. But once they say they do perform certain services like for instance tantric massage we expect them to be good at it. Additionally, we never work with girls who are also independent escort girls. However, we truly do not mind if they are exclusive with us or not as long as we are well-informed who they work with. 

How to book high class tantric massage escorts 

Of course, running an escort agency is legal but when it comes to offering the escort services we need to be extra careful. As for instance erotic massage can not be advertised on our site. Likewise, nuru massage service can not be mentioned on girls’ profiles. Additionally, our elite escort agency operates as a booking compnionship provider and we never discuss our escort models services over the phone. But we are very much aware of the capability of each escort girl services and we tend to have escort models who are very open minded and provide wide rage of bespoke escort sevices. Including erotic massages like nuru massage or tantric massage. For a boutique Birmingham escort agency, we have a number of diverse escort women from professional models, teen escorts, mature escorts to all sorts of erotic massuses. 

Below are just a few of the best escort massage escort girls in Birmingham 

Luana is our favorite girl who is a genuine Latin girl with an innocent-looking face. She is very clever and came to Birmingham with a plan to study English and make money to start her life in Brazil on a decent level. We have always been fond of the girls who were only using this industry as a stepping stone and knew from the beginning that they were capable of achieving it in a short time period. So they do not become stuck or their personality will not get spoilt or lost in the process. We have always advised and asked during the interview if they have a planned way out or a purpose for entering the industry.  

Tantric massage escort in Birmingham

Our premium escort agency is famous for having the best escorts in Birmingham and Manchester. Zoe is one of our top elite escort massage girls. Because we only looking for classy women to work with, Zoe is a representation of many luxury escort women we represent. Her specialty is tantric massage and energy healing which she is happily using while she is with her client. As you can read in her profile she has done many healing courses like Japanese style Reiki including Karuna Reiki, Tibetan style Reiki, Sekhem, Crystal healing, and Tiberan singing bowl healing course. Additionally, she is also an essential oil specialist and herbalist. You could call her a modern type of white witch as she is dedicated to helping and healing people. 

Erotic massage Manchester

Freya is one the most beautiful young English escorts you will ever meet. She is also top rated escort girl with the best escort reviews on our books. Also she is our erotic massage Manchester and erotic massage Birmingham specialist as she travels between these two towns on a regular basis. She told us her secret weapon she is using with her clients are essential oils and she has a few favorite one which works beautifully during any type of erotic massage. So Freya favorite essential oil is Cinnamon essential oil. It is exremly helpful with clients as it supports the healing of any sexual issues and it helps in accepting the physical body. The most importantly it nurtures healthy sexuality and rekindles healthy sexuality if it was suppressed for any reason. This magical essential oil helps to open up and feel safe, thereby allowing true intimacy to emerge. The second most escort-friendly essential oil is a Jasmine oil. Again likewise Cinnamon it nurtures healthy sexuality and helps to balance the sexual forces. Also, it helps to awaken dormant sexual energy, assisting to regain interest in sexual experiences. It cultivates positive experiences within intimate relationships. Finally, the Holiday Joy essential oil, fosters feelings of joy, celebration, and excitement. 

Erotic escort massages are only a fraction of the escort services we offer. As a matter of fact our professional escort women belong to more than one category. Most of them specialise in a few adult escort services. However, each and every girl will have a domain and the best escort reviews for something specific. So it is best to always ask one of our elite escort agency receptionists for advice. Especially when it comes to delicate services like body to body massage. 


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